Visit The Best Tourist Spots in Toba Regency


Visit The Best Tourist Spots in Toba Regency

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TOBA, North Sumatera – It doesn’t feel like it will be Eid holiday soon. There are several tourist attractions that tourists can visit in Toba Regency. Eid is the right moment to enjoy the cool air and beautiful scenery and enjoy the charm of Lake Toba in Toba Regency in a different way.

There are many vacation spots for families to enjoy tourism destinations in Toba district. Come on, take a look at the recommendations below

1. Bulbul Balige Beach
Bul-bul Beach, which is located in Lumban Bul-bul Village, Balige District, is a favorite tourist location to fill the Eid holiday.

For those of you who want to see the beautiful blue beach stretching before your eyes, you can visit Bul-Bul Beach. This beach itself is a tourist destination that many tourists visit when they are in Toba Regency

It’s no wonder why this beach has always been an attraction because the clear blue sea is one of the reasons many people choose to be in this place. For those of you who really like beaches, you won’t regret visiting Bul-Bul beach.

You and your family can enjoy the charm of Lake Toba by playing on the white sand of the beach and various water games such as banana boats, ATVs and other water games.

Bulbul Balige Beach is actually a beach located on the edge of Lake Toba

Tourists seemed lulled by the gentle breeze of the beach atmosphere while enjoying treats at food restaurants around the location and traders who came from outside selling food.

Bulbul Balige Beach Tour, you and your family can see a wider view of Lake Toba and the green hills around it.

Bulbul Balige Beach Tourism has white sand which is its main attraction.
So, when you go to this tourist spot, don’t forget to play with the white sand.

This beach tourism is a target for holidays because its location is not far from the city center of Balige

If you don’t want to swim or play in the water, tourists can relax comfortably on the beach or enjoy the beautiful view of the sunset or sunrise.

If you want to enjoy sunrise or sunset views, tourists will usually stay at accommodation near Bulbul Balige Beach

2. Parparean Porsea White Sand Beach
White Sand Beach in Parparean Village, Porsea District, Toba Samosir (Tobasa) Regency in North Sumatra has a beauty that is no less beautiful than Bali Island.

Tourists will enjoy the natural beauty of the white sand beach in Parparean, which is no less than the beaches on the island of Bali, apart from being clean and not muddy, the atmosphere is far from noise.

Even the beauty of the beach and various insatagenic photo spots that don’t require additional fees to take photos attract the interest of domestic and foreign tourists.

This beach also has a wide stretch of white sand, suitable for walking while enjoying the wind and waves at your feet

The location of this white sand beach is perfect for relaxing, enjoying the beach view, as well as doing several exciting activities with the family.

3. Paragliding
Lake Toba tourism is currently on the rise, no less interesting than other tourist attractions, now in Toba Regency there is already an aerospace sports Take-Off platform, the location is right on top of the Sibodiala hill, Balige District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra.

The Paragliding/Gantole Take-Off base is only 8 km from the center of Balige City, with a distance of 15 minutes you will have arrived at the location. This take-off runway is at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level and has only been operating for two weeks. Even though it has just opened, this location is already starting to be busy with tourists.

Sibodiala Hill is now a new tourist attraction developed by the Toba Federation of Aero Sport Indonesia (FASI) community in collaboration with Sibodiala residents.

Apart from that, tourists who come to Sibodiala will not only enjoy the beauty of the city of Balige, on the left side there is a tourist attraction which is a remnant of the eruption of Mount Toba called Batu Basiha.

“So, if you come to visit Sibodiala, you will not only get one tourist attraction but two. That’s why we are sure that this place will continue to develop

4. Basiha Stone
Basiha Stone is the result of a natural volcanic eruption which has now become Lake Toba. According to the results of research by geologists, the large pile of rocks currently in Sibodiala Village, Balige District is the result of an eruption.

The Batu Basiha Geosite, located in Aek Bolon Village, Balige, Toba Regency, is one of 16 geosites that have been recognized by the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on July 7 2020 as members of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Batu Basiha Geosite is a historical heritage site formed from rock fragments resulting from the eruption of the Toba Volcano hundreds of years ago.

Based on local mythology, Batu Basiha was formed from piles of wood that were planned to build a traditional Batak house by his ancestors, namely oppung Manggak Napitupulu. However, after being struck by lightning, the pile of wood turned into stone.

Before being struck by lightning, the figure of a tiger also reminded the ancestors not to build a traditional house in that place, so they gave up their intention to build it.

5. Meat Village
Meat Balige Village is a tourist location in the form of a village in the middle of expanse of grasslands and rice fields located right on the edge of Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

The word ‘Meat’ in Meat Village itself means ‘stopover’ which explains that this village is a stopover place for people who want to go to the center of the Lake Toba area.

If you visit the Meat Village tourist spot, you will feel like you are in New Zealand because the location is right between the hills and the edge of a lake which is still very natural.

Even when you visit this tourist spot, you will immediately feel the atmosphere is almost the same as New Zealand. Not only that, there are many other interesting things that you can see and get when you visit the proud tourist village of North Sumatra Province

Meat Village is still part of the government area of ​​Tampahan District, Toba Regency and can be found with the help of an accurate direction application. To get to the village, you need a travel time of around 28 minutes from Silangit Airport.

Not only does it offer stunning natural panoramic beauty, this tourist village on the outskirts of Lake Toba also pampers tourists with various kinds of local community culture which is still very strong.

The people who live in Meat Village are people from the Batak tribe who are very famous for their cultural diversity and traditional traditions. So, when you visit this tourist village, it is the same as getting to know the Batak tribe more deeply.

Meat Village, Tampahan District, Toba Regency, North Sumatra, is a center for making Ragi Hotang ulos which has become a proud heritage of the community and is legendary because it is hundreds of years old.

Meat Village, Additional District is indeed one of the centers for making the legendary and famous type of hotang yeast ulos.

6. The Toba Caldera Nomadic Escape
Located in Sibisia Village, Ajibata District, Toba Regency, The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape was inaugurated in 2019, during the era of Tourism Minister Arief Yahya. The location is very strategic, right on the edge of a cliff and directly leading to a canyon at the end of which is Sigapiton Village.

The Toba Caldera Nomadic Escape can see Sigapiton Village, which is a village flanked by two high hills on either side. Sigapiton is a tourist village initiated by the Ministry of Tourism. This destination stands on more than two hectares of Lake Toba Tourism Authority Zone land.

The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape also offers glamping or glamorous camping, which is a new innovation in the accommodation and tourism sector that has become popular in recent years. Glamping at this location provides a cool staying experience.

The Toba Caldera Nomadic Escape is one of the best spots to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba.

From a distance, you can also see the beauty of Lake Toba and Samosir Island. When the weather is sunny, the blue water and the green scenery around it are so soothing to the eyes of anyone who sees it. With its charm, it is not surprising that this place has become a favorite tourist destination in North Sumatra, especially when the holidays arrive.

This tourist spot also provides Instagenic spots in the form of bean bags that you can use to relax and complement the beauty of your photos

Apart from the glamping facilities above, you also have the option to stay at the Bobocabin Signature Toba which is managed externally or separately from BPODT. Being part of The Kaldera Toba Nomadic Escape, Bobocabin is here to offer the comfort of a modern cabin with the beauty of Lake Toba within reach.

This accommodation is of course equipped with various advanced technologies. One of them is the Smart Window feature which you can set to enjoy privacy or to transparent mode so you can see the beauty of nature before your eyes. For reservations and further information, first download the Bobobox application here!

7. Situmurun Waterfall
Located in Situmurun Village, Lumban Julu District, Toba Regency

One of the tourist attractions with another amazing panorama is Situmurun Waterfall. This waterfall is no less beautiful than the Simanimbo waterfall. You might even like it more. The views presented are extraordinary, especially as this place is far from rubbish so your holiday will feel more enjoyable

Situmurun waterfall is also known as Binangalom waterfall because the water comes from Binangalom village. Unlike most waterfalls, this 70 meter high water flow falls directly into Lake Toba.

8. Tarabunga Hill
Tarabunga Hill Peak, in Lumban Lintong Village, Tampahan District, Toba Samosir Regency, is one of the beautiful natural tourist locations and was chosen to fill the holidays in this 19 year old district.

This location is always visited by nature-loving tourists. They often visit this area, using motorbikes and four-wheeled vehicles, to simply enjoy the panorama of Lake Toba and also the expanse of the rolling hills and rice fields.

Apart from enjoying the cool mountain air, you can also see Lake Toba, which can be seen in almost every corner.

Not only that, there is a beautiful expanse of the Bukit Barisan mountains. “Apart from sitting and enjoying the natural panorama, we also want to see the beautiful sunset.”

For those of you who like taking photos, this hill could be a very suitable spot. The extraordinary natural scenery with a hill in the background makes this hill one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists from Sumatra and outside Sumatra. This is only natural because the views presented are truly stunning and beautiful. The view presented will be very interesting and can be used as a photo spot which is of course very instagrammable. Don’t believe? You can visit it directly.

9. TB Silalahi Center Balige Batak Museum
To get to know Batak history more closely, travelers can visit the TB Silalahi Batak Museum. Here there are many interesting stories about Batak culture in the past.

TB Sialalahi Center has two buildings, the first is the Batak Museum, where there is a large collection of antiques and information about Batak history. Second is the TB Silalahi Museum where tourists will see the life story of Lt. Gen. (Ret.) DR TB Silalahi.

Based on the information obtained, at the Batak Museum, visitors and tourists can recognize six Batak tribes or sub-ethnic groups. Starting from Toba Batak, Angkola Batak, Mandailing Batak, Karo Batak, Pak-Pak Batak and Simalungun Batak which have their own characteristics.

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